Corona Daze Episode 2

It seems an age has passed since the start of lockdown. We know so much more than we did, and yet, I feel as confused as ever. But I can still remember how afraid I was when the lockdown was announced, and it was as a result of this fear that I decided to look on the funny side. Thankfully, my old friend Lucie Capel (a lot less afraid than me) could also see the humour and so together we created Corona Daze.

We released the first episode a few months back, after which we decided to write all remaining five in succession, giving us the chance to amend where needed. Writing and producing the series helped me to get through the lockdown, especially when family illness struck (not coronavirus, mercifully) and general claustrophobia set in.

Nicky, the character, is generally pretty unlikeable but we wanted to explore what happened to someone when, totally in control of their lives, they were stripped of all tools in their armory overnight. As a working woman, Nicky now finds herself unable to hand over the children to her au-pair or husband. We were interested in her response when faced with unbridled motherhood; her daughters more of a match than she could have imagined.

Week One of lockdown and Nicky is getting all her ducks in a row. From essential items to PPE, Nicky is determined to get on top of the new normal. Should she prevent husband, Simon, from stockpiling? Or should she take seriously his fear of imminent food shortages? And is it really unacceptable to take a work-related call while on furlough? As the lockdown becomes reality, Nicky swots up on the latest guidance and makes up a few rules of her own…

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