Corona Daze Episode 3

Thankfully, we didn’t have to do too much home-schooling in our household. But reading diary pieces and speaking to friends made me aware of the baptism of fire most parents went through.

I also remember being shocked at the stories I was hearing about people snitching on each other; reading in the papers about the enormous numbers of calls the police had received. Veronika at number eleven is a parody, but the emotions around having a neighbour who is reporting other residents felt worth exploring.

In Episode 3 Nicky gets a rude awakening when she realizes homes schooling is not the breeze she thought it would be. Especially when today’s assignment is 3D modelling and her elder daughter would rather be chatting on House Party than doing school work. After Mum admits she’s lonely, Nicky scours government guidelines for loopholes so she can visit her. But will she be reported by Lime Grove’s resident spy?

To catch up on episode 1 and 2 click here for the Corona Daze playlist:

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