Corona Daze Episode 4

Nits in lockdown is no fun. I caught them from my son in week one and it drove me almost to despair. In episode 4, we witness the downward spiral in relations between Nicky and her two daughters.

One of the things I enjoyed during lockdown was discovering the products that were sold out, which were often quite surprising. Books of Bird Songs, for example; vitamins; paddling pools and bicycles. Flour was another. Driving miles across London to a basement bike shop in order to buy a bicycle she liked (unavailable online) was one of the first things Lucie did after shops re-opened.

Episode 4 catches Nicky on the hunt for flour, which proves to be harder to find in lockdown than she thought. Battling to keep up with the deluge of deliveries, Nicky is still determined to make it into the Woodpecker Class Newsletter. Unfortunately, this week’s school work was not the piece of cake she imagined… As postage stamps become bargaining chips and fresh tomatoes get harder to swallow, Nicky clings on to the last sheds of control.

To catch up on the first three episodes click here for the Corona Daze playlist:

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