Corona Daze Episode 5

It is difficult to pin point the exact moment I started questioning our nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Like Nicky, I embraced the collective panic wholeheartedly at first. I had no idea how badly this virus would affect people and worried daily for my parents and my children. So when did my doubts set in?

In this episode, Nicky has reached her nadir. Her life, so meticulously constructed, lies in a heap before her. In a fit of anger at the damage wrought, Nicky rails against the logic and justice of the lockdown. The anecdotal incidents Nicky refers to are real, and the facts are among those I was picking up while trying to keep abreast of new information. However, rather than bringing clarity, I found the picture became increasingly confusing the more I learned about Covid-19.

It was a welcome release writing these frustrations into the words of Nicky Parsons. But, while composing this accompanying blog to you, I felt I needed to unpick my uneasiness further. I wanted to understand better where the confusion lay. I hope to publish this longer piece in the coming weeks.

Following on from Episode 4….

As her world crumbles around her, Nicky retreats to the garden shed.

The battle with her daughter, Flora, has scaled new heights and Nicky has no option but to reluctantly accept defeat.

Meanwhile, Simon has won the battle of the shrubberies, with Nicky’s carefully manicured flowerbeds now hosting a range of root vegetables while a chicken coop dominates her astro-turf.

With her professional life in tatters, and her wardrobe reduced to a pile of washing, Nicky has reached rock bottom.

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