A short film of Calais at Christmas

Calais at Christmas, a short film made in the run-up to Christmas. Thanks to an unexpected donation, we were able to buy presents for some of the mum’s living in the camp, throw a Christmas party for a few of the 400 Syrians who, along with many others, risk their lives most nights to board moving trains to Britain; buy decorations so that a group of Kurdish children could decorate the trees outside the Coptic church, and purchase ten gas stoves with accompanying fire extinguishers for ten families living in the camp.

During this visit, I felt overcome by the small gestures of kindness shown by people entering the camp; an old lady bringing chocolates she had made herself, two women driving a car filled with presents, visitors everywhere trying to figure out a way to help. As painful as it is to witness people living in such humiliating degradation, I can only admire the humanity of the people living in The Jungle and the compassion and kindness of those who are doing what they can. In those three days, I felt the true spirit of Christmas surround me.

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