In Memory of Jo Cox MP

Last night we gathered, hundreds, for Jo Cox

If you were there, you will have felt the heavy mood of sadness too

Nothing happened. No speeches, no music, no jamboree

Just quiet calm, deep mourning, and the face of Joanne Cox

Big Ben struck his hour cordially, and all our pensive murmurings ceased

In silence, we gazed up, at the spire that sets the nation’s time, and asked

What are we doing in our time?

And on we carried the silence, as the engines revved around our patch of summer grass

But everything was calm, as we remembered her, Jo Cox MP

Slowly I walked to the roadside where her photograph was laid in flowers

Her smile beamed out, with hope and joy and confidence

And it stabbed my heart

What a woman. What a star. We’ve done so well to have Jo Cox

On a propped up piece of board, men and women took up marker pens and wrote their thoughts

About unity, and justice, and love overcoming all

And, as we carried gifts of candles to a spot along the wall

Fellow mourners joined us, lit their wick from others’ flames, and walked into the crowd, with so much dignity

To stand in quiet calm, and try to understand

Why our country’s warring, and finding enemies in girls like Jo

When did we forget that our democracy should win, in every hard debate

That’s what we’ll leave our children

Again, the clock bell struck, and again we stood in muted thought

Our parliament before us, and each other

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