No Second Lockdown Without A Full Parliamentary Debate

It may come as a surprise to learn that I have never before authored a petition! But I have now.

Please find below the link for a petition entitled, ‘No Second Lockdown Without A Full Parliamentary Debate’

I created this petition because I feel very strongly that the way to fight this virus is not by making people feel constantly afraid. Nor is it achieved by issuing threats. Instead, our politicians need to make a strong case that persuades us. Debating a second lockdown would seem an important step in achieving this.

In my latest blog I tried to communicate how confused I was becoming as I saw a different picture with my own eyes to the one that was being presented by politicians and large sections of the media. Since sharing my blog I have learned how many other people feel the same way.

A full debate in Parliament on the merits of a second lockdown will require our politicians to make a strong case, one that stands up to rigorous analysis, as well as providing the opportunity for MPs to represent the voice of their constituents.

I believe this will help to bring people together, thereby strengthening our collective response to Covid-19.

If you think this debate is important, please sign and share.

Thanks very much

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